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Letter of Application 


I am writing to you in regards to my suitability for acceptance into the Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing).

In December 2006, I began to pen my first novel. It is an epic fantasy piece, currently in its fourth revision and incorporating 130,000 words. As I worked through the process of writing my novel, I began to realise how little I actually knew about writing correctly.

Over the past nine months I have moved to correct this. Through continued practise, reading a wide range of text books and general literature, joining online critique groups and with the help of previously published authors, I have improved my standard of writing immensely.

Writing is very important to me. I write every day. I am married and have three children, but I still make the time to write, hopefully without neglecting them. They are very supportive of my desire to write, allowing me the solitude I require each evening in which to practise my craft.

Since June I have completed eight short stories. All have been submitted to various genre markets. Currently AntipodeanSF have accepted one for publication in their 10th Anniversary edition. I have also entered four short story competitions, and submitted for an anthology. All deadlines are still to be reached at the time of writing this letter. I have had two non-fiction essays published through the Fiction Factor newsletter.

Everything I write is self-edited and then passed through writer’s workgroups, and/or other writers I know. I then rewrite all my work and resubmit for critique. After a final polish, all have become much better pieces and are submitted for publication. I have found feedback on my work, from a number of different areas, to have been extremely useful. I also enjoy critiquing other writer’s work, and have become an active member in online workgroups. I have recently completed critiquing an American English teacher’s first attempt at a novel aimed at the Young Adult market. My comments, suggestions and general overview were well received.

Participating in the Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing), would allow me to continue my progression and evolution as a writer. I very much would like to change my career one day, from an IT administrator to one as a full time novelist.

If accepted I would prefer to be able to work in External mode. I work full time for the xxxxxxxx. I live in xxxxxxxxxxxxx with my wife and three children. Currently, I find the time to write during the evening, after my youngest is in bed. The ability to retain this routine would be beneficial for my entire family. Not having to travel into town each evening would also be welcomed.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Brenton Tomlinson