My - Ten Best Websites

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This is the page most writers need to bookmark - do it now!
Here I will list web sites I have found that has been of any use to me in my endeavours to write.

HorrorScope: The Australian Dark Fiction Web Log
HorrorScope is an award-winning Australian news and literary criticism zine dedicated to dark fiction and some speculative fiction. HorrorScope is the official news source for the Australian Horror Writers Association.
Authors by Design
This forum is slightly bigger than Fiction Factor but has a lot more writers who have been studying and growing in the craft. FF has a core group of experienced writers who help everyone who visits. AbD has critique groups. Well organised groups who can seriously help with your writing. I belong to The Prose Nest who have taught, helped, cajoled and taunted me into becoming a better writer. Highly recommended.
Duotrope Digest
This is a very good, configurable market listing. You can configure searches to a very granular level to find the right market for that just completed (revised, critiqued and highly polished) piece.
Ralan's Webstravaganza
More than just market listings. It is all listings Ralan's is constantly updated to provide the latest news on everywhere you could possibly want to sell a piece of work to. Fiction markets, contests, anthology's, writing links, writing help - it's all here. Excellent resource.
The Australian Speculative Writers Website
Speculative Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, Markets, also Writing, Editing and Publishing Information and Resources.
Fiction Factor Forum
It's not currently as big as some but those that dwell there are wonderful people and the advise, from the more experienced writers among them, has been invaluable.
Fiction Factor: The online magazine for fiction writers
Has genre themed sites for everything from Horror to Freelance, Sci-Fi to Childrens and just about everything in between. 
Better Writing Skills
An excellent source for learning the rules of the English language. Tim North puts forth good advice on word usage from "Further" & "Farther" to "was" & "were". Knowing what the rules are before you go and break them, is a valuable asset. If nothing else - subscribe to the newsletter for the occasional eye-opening pearl of wisdom.
Critters Workshop
I have been told by many, that critiquing other writers work, will help improve your own. It's true. Through critiquing and through the critiques I have recieved, my work has improved immeasurably. Thanks Aburt!
This is not a writers website but it is something every human on the planet should watch - lots of times and in the company of all your friends.