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Horror Critique Group Rules

Members must be over 18.

Each member is required to have a gmail account. The sharing of other email accounts between members, is entirely up to the individual members. This group, its members and the administration, take no responsibility for abuse to personal emails received through the individuals consent to share that email address.

You agree not to share the work of other members with anyone outside of the group, and that you will delete any printouts or copies of the work of others once your critique is complete.

You agree to a strict participation requirement minimum of one email per fortnight. The minimum one email must be a critique of another members work

You also agree that you understand you are permitted to submit more than one work each fortnight, but each submission must adhere to a 1 submission/1 critique ratio.

You agree to adhere to the critique guidelines. Critiques such as "I liked your story" do not adhere and will not count toward the posting requirements.

There will be a zero-tolerance policy for flaming in this critique group. Members who personally attack other members will permanently lose access to the group immediately. Writing is a stressful enough endeavor without receiving personal attacks from your other members. The administration reserves the right to determine what actions constitute flaming.

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Like-minded horror writers for online critique group. If you're interested then simply add a comment to any post, and then email me here.

Do not just send an email as I don't check it very often. I get enough email on all my other accounts to keep me busy.

Only serious writers need apply. You must have critique experience and be able to quote that experience. You must be able to provide an example of your current writing. The decision of the current group members is final. If you are not accepted then please don't take it personally. We are very specific in the skill set we require at any given time to improve the group. For a more detailed set of criteria, please check the full rules listing here.

If vacancies are available then check what skills we are currently looking for below.

Currently there are two(2) vacancies.

Positions vacant:

#Horror Writer/punctuation guru
#Horror Writer