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Time and time again, I've heard writers mention they submit a story to the first market on their submissions list and work their way down till the story is sold. I've heard that qualified as "a list of reputable markets, usually with the highest paying at the top, down to highly reputable but lower paying markets at the bottom".
This is often simply referred to as "doing the rounds". I've found only a couple of resources to help writers in creating their own lists. One is the professional standards list for membership into the SWFA. While this list should not be disregarded, it is unlikely a new writer or one with few publishing credits already in the stable, will benefit from it.
So here I will attempt to offer my submissions list. This will be a live list that will change as need arises or as markets close.
I hope it gives an insight into where you should be targeting your work.

First port of call for most writers looking for somewhere to submit should be one of the market databases found online. Many one time markets such as competitions and anthologies will only be found through these resources. Browse them regularly.




AA Independant Press Guide

Towse's Links

Dark Markets

Gila Queen

Spicy Green Iguana

That should be plenty of searchable databases for you to help build a solid submissions list from, enable you to browse for anthologies and competitions and allow you to get in some quality procrastination while still claiming to be qworking on your writing :)
My submissions list--is no longer listed here. I've found I don't have the time to keep this list updated, so I now use the list I maintain at AHWA. This is not an effort to get you to join (although you should as it is an excellent organisation). To keep the AHWA list updated I get market information from Duotrope, Ralan, and SpecFicMe, along with anecdotal evidence and word of mouth from lots of other places.
It is a time consuming job. You do not have to do it as I already have. Just join the AHWA to benefit.

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