Puppy Photos

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BJ (Buddy Junior) at four weeks. His Dad is called Buddy and his Mum is Kuy (Ki).


As if trying to determine his better side, he gave us a photo opportunity on both sides.


This is Mum, Kuy. Unfortunately Dad was away competing in a dog show when we were there.


This is my dad, Buddy. He is an Australian Champion. I hope to grow up to be just like him - except I won't be competing.

If you'd like to know more about dad, then come see where I was born.


A family shot. Furthest left (white) is one of BJ's sisters with the second of his sister's (golden) in front of her. BJ's brother is under Mum's (Kuy) head - you can just make out a tail and a paw. BJ is sniffing at the floor near my wife's foot. 

At 8 weeks after just arriving home


Just chilling in my new home


The excitement of a new home has plumb worn me out


This back step is huge for me, but whatever it was I just found in among the leaves, sure tasted good.


I keep slipping on these tiles -- much easier to just lie down and watch the world go by.

10 weeks


Dad has built me a new doggie-door so I can get out to the backyard whenever I want. I have lots of toys and it's great when the kids get home from school. We have lots of fun (although I don't think Corey likes me biting his toes). Fun in the sun - what more could a puppy ask for. Oh, dad wanted me to tell you that I now stand at 30cm tall, measured at the shoulder. I'm growing real fast now.