Diploma Application
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The Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing) Application

My fifth "priority", was to gain academic credentials. February 2008 I gained acceptance into the "Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing)"

at the Adelaide Centre of Arts.

I had to:
Create a 500 word letter of application demonstrating my ability to

  • Write correctly and fluently
  • Meet creative and intellectual demands
  • Exercise self dicipline
  • Write unsupervised
  • Read widely
  • Meet Deadlines
  • Deal with critical responses

See the actual letter here

Plus I had to write the first 500 words for a story in which the opening line was

""Take me with you," she said. "I'll try harder, I promise."

It also had to include a 100 word summary on how I saw the story progressing.

See the story beginning and summary here

Lastly I had an editing exercise to do on a passage that was supplied.

See the editing exercise submitted here