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What's Happening in the writing world I live in...

How I'm going to achieve my dreams

At first I wanted to get a story out my head that a few mates and I had mucked about with for many, many years. One December morning, 2006, I didn’t have a lot of work on and decided to finally pen a few lines. It didn’t come out too bad. A month later I wrote a bit more and started to get hooked. My writing time slowly increased and within six months of penning the first few lines I managed to write “the end” – an important milestone not to be underestimated. I then started writing short stories. After writing for a whole seven months I stopped and asked, “Why am I doing all this and what do I want out of it?” So I set some priorities:


As I achieve these goals, I'll change the colour of the listing and add details on how I have succeeded.

  • Have stories accepted and published by editors online. (Five pieces so far.)
  • I want to be published in print. Be it a short story or hopefully my novel, I want it in dead tree format - call me a traditionalist. (Five pieces so far.)
  • To win a contest. Then to win more than one. Looks great on the bio.
  • I would like to become good enough to be published in any format regularly; to provide a tidy side income.
  • To gain professional writing credentials. (This has been put on hold)
  • To find an agent for my novel
  • To get my novel published
  • To become a full time writer
  • To become a millionaire
  • To... - okay - I'm getting a little off track now.

New, specific goals for 2009:

  • I would still like to win a competition (Three entered. Didn't place in anyopf them. To be carried over to 2010)
  • I will finish writing the first draft of Newland (On Hold) 
  • I will finish writing the first draft of the first book in the Nathan Steele series (24% done)
  • I will pass the second year of my diploma (On Hold)
  • I will continue to circulate my current batch of stories
  • I will write at least three new short stories (and counting)
  • I will read at least two books a month (Books read so far in 2009: 18)
  • I will continue to write reviews for HorrorScope and Black (Ongoing)
  • I will keep my blog updated (Ongoing)
  • I will target Nectrotic Tissue to gain a publishing credit (3 rejections so far)
  • I will target New Bedlam to gain a publishing credit

What else is happening....

Time to start time stamping this bit so you know when I come in and change things - like now (August 10 2009)
Things have once more changed direction. Newland was renamed to A Kookaburra's Laugh and then placed on hold. With gaining acceptance in an Apex anthology, my writing seems to have come to a screaming halt on the short story front. On the long version front, I've started a new project - a non-dark YA series. I shall find my niche one day...
Reading takes up an incredible amount of my time - one could say, too much of my time. It comes and goes in spurts but I seem to slow down and drag my feet after four or five novels in a row. I'll need a month or two off after I finish the current batch I'm reviewing.
All of my current batch of shorts are still out there doing the rounds with one of them being picked up every six weeks or so - nice.
My blog posts are slowing down as is my online interaction. This is not because I think it's no longer worth the effort, it's more to do with prioritising my limited time. I'm writing a few thousand words a week, if I was to maintain my high level of online activity, that would drop to 1K if I'm lucky. I can't have that so everything else to do with my writing, which doesn't actually have a positive impact on me producing words in the current manuscript, must fall away. I want to be a writer, not someone who is known to circulate in the writing community with a few short story credits to their name.

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