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Electronically Published Pieces

Chat session transcript from Authors by Design (April 2008)

Essay/Flash fiction contemplating my muse titled 'The Elusive Muse' (Fiction Factor)

A Non-fiction article titled 'Reinventing The Wheel' (Fiction Factor)

Flash fiction piece titled 'Wake-Up Call' (Antipodean SF)

A short story titled 'Winged Shepherd of Innocence' (Fear & Trembling)

Flash fiction piece titled 'Murky Depths' (52 Stitches)

A short story titled Spoilt Rotten (Demonic Tome)

A short story titled 'Dark Rose' (Yellow Mama Magazine - to be published in Issue #16, Halloween, 2009)

Pieces Published in Print

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions
  - An erotic anthology released May 2009
      :- Service Call
      :- Lounge Sweet


Articles for SA50s+
        :- The Power and the Glory (full back page) (April 2008)
        :- The Green & Gold (full front page) (July 2008)
        :- Truly World Class Cycling in Adelaide (Nov 2008)
        :- Adelaide Classic Car Rally (Nov 2008)
        :- Tennis Anyone (Nov 2008)

New Voices in Fiction Magazine
 - April 09 issue #5
     :- Idolatry


The Blackness Within Anthology (Apex Publishing)
  - Due for release mid 2010
       :- Dreaming


Self Published Pieces

Flash Fiction

Hoon (from Cafe Doom Flash Challenge)

The List Has Been Checked - Twice! (From CafeDoom Flash Challenge)

Spring BBQ (From CafeDoom Flash Challenge)

The Gift

Terminal Thoughts

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