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On my wedding day - 45C in the shade!

My name is Brenton Tomlinson, most people just call me BT. A few call me Caedmon (pronounced Kay-d-mon - yes, it's Welsh - no, I'm not) but that's a longer story. Since December 2006, I have been seriously trying to write.
Many people, sites and "How To" e-books suggest that to be considered a professional writer, one must have a web presence. As a professional writer is exactly what I dream of becoming, this is my effort at having a web presence - along with my blog MusingsOfAnAussieWriter

This site is about writing, and my attempts at becoming good enough in my own eyes to make a living at it.

I think other new writers shouldn't have to search all over the 'net to discover what I already have, so I post all my "discoveries" on my blog. This site is to keep a record on my progress.

I hope to continue to post all sorts of information I find useful. I post links to sites, books, events and people.

You will find a growing list of reviews (for which I gained a 2009 Ditmar Award nomination for), the occasional essay, and you may even find examples of my work.

Every tip I find helpful will be posted.

You will find links to all work I've had published here

I don't claim to be an expert. I'm learning just like everyone else, but rather than have the next person trapse everywhere after me - looking for the same information - why not just come here where I've saved you the trouble.

Have a look around and enjoy!



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